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Deconstructing Fashion Trends: Why Are Beards So Popular?

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beard10Beards are a current fashion trend that we cannot help but wonder why it has become so immensely and globally popular. This fashion trend has become widely popular in the recent years, so much so that it has made a real comeback. The metro sexual trend, a clean-cut and a regular shave, had to step down from the pedestal and give the title of the most popular trend to the ruggedly handsome bearded style. This sudden change, has had a real impact on fashion and trends, but also on what the majority of people finds beautiful. Even though facial hair isn’t anything new, and is definitely not something which has been constructed in the recent years, it’s certainly only now becoming popular among the majority of people and in a broad sense.

It is not easy to understand why only now beards have become so immensely and planetary popular, but we will try to deconstruct this fashion trends and find out some of the main reasons why beards have become such a big trends and why they are so immensely popular among men and women alike.

  1. Gives You The Edge

Sporting a beard that is definitely giving you this edgy look which cannot be disregarded; in other words, having a beard makes you have an opinion about someone, but it also shows that the person who is wearing the beard has their own individuality and character which has been highly developed, as well as their own set of values and beliefs. You cannot remain indifferent towards a beard. It makes you have an opinion, and the strong one too, just like the majority of people who have a beard have a strong set of opinions about the world. People with beards are often regarded as people who have their own individuality, which simply cannot help itself but oozes through this style and sense of fashion. Be sure to keep your beard in tip-top condition by washing and using a beard oil daily. We recommend beard oil from

Why Are Beards So Popular?

  1. Functionality Of A Beard

Furthermore, I should probably mention that beards have become I really big trend because they are very functional. In other words, you want have to take out the significance chunk of your time to shave yourself in the morning, instead you will only occasionally groom your beards and use the appropriate products which will make your beard appear shiny and perfect. Also a beard will protect your delicate skin, especially in the winter months when the harsh weather conditions can damage your skin.

  1. Attracts Partners

The last but not the least, sporting a beard will definitely attract gardeners and potential love interests, because they will see you as someone who has guys-with-beardstheir own individuality and a well-developed character, and someone who is a complete and rounded person altogether. This kind of impression is very attractive to potential partners, and they will probably find you unusual, unique, attractive and sexy.

Comeback Of Beards – Explaining The Phenomenon In Three Simple Steps

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You have probably noticed that since recently the years have made a huge comeback to the fashion sense.  Not only in that beards have become immensely popular in the recent years, but they have also managed to put the significant trend to history – the meterosexual man.

During the 80’s men, and men and especially rock musicians, use to wear makeup.  Then came the 90’s, and our preoccupation with yuppies.  The entire decade stopped us that the successful man should look as trimmed and groomed if he were a lady. During the 00’s the matters only became worse and the situation seemed to have changed only in the recent years.

Men show the progression of popular facial hair in the USA

Nowadays, appearing ruggedly handsome and manly is very popular, and that the men who shave regularly have become totally unattractive, unpopular, and out of fashion.  However, is there a simple way to explain this phenomenon?  How can we explain the huge comeback facial hair has made in the recent years?  Surely, humans have had facial hair ever since may have become humans, and even before this period!  Still, we cannot help but to wonder whether there is a solid explanation for this phenomenon.

In this article will try to explain the comeback of beards, in the following three steps.  These steps seem to be simple, understandable and logical.

1. Step One: Radical Change

The first and very obvious reason for replacing one trend with its complete opposite is the need for a radical change.  Shaving has been immensely popular for in the past decades.  Men have all appeared same and bland.  Is such a crowd that a man with the beard would radically stand out and be exotic.  Just like with other rear things in this world, people are often attracted to them only because they are not as usual and as common as everything else, the same thing happened with the beard trend.  Furthermore, sporting a beard requires the certain amount of confidence which is not to be disregarded.  Also, this shows that you are cool because you stand out, rather than rejected because of it.

2. Step Two: Comfort

bearded-man-in-winterAnother reason for replacing the trend of shaving with a trend are growing a beard, lies in a simple solution that it offers more comfort, and indeed is much easier to maintain.  As we know, men are all about comfort and being comfortable.  Also, they despise spending the unnecessary time grooming themselves, especially shaving in the morning when they are in a rush anyway.  Furthermore, a beard will keep you warm during the winter months and the beard will seem your delicate skin from rough winds and harsh weather conditions.

3. Step Three: Social Status

If you take into consideration that shaving used to be socially acceptable, as well as necessary for certain professions, then you should also think about the following question: who has the power to come unshaved to their workplace?  This will tell you a lot about the beard trend.  It is just another way to show your dominant social status.

Why We Are Obsessed With The Beard Trend

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In the recent years, the idea of how we see a sexy and successful man has much changed. Only since recently the shaved metrosexual style has been replaced with a lumberjack style, which is often referred to as lumbersexual.

lumbersexual how to what is man trend hot boys by dainte_thumb[5]

In the decades which are now behind us, a proper shave has been a symbol of a successful, young man who takes care of his personal hygiene. In the recent years, this trend has been replaced with a bearded style. Far from it, that I’m trying to convey the impression that a bearded style requires no personal hygiene, however it is a significant and radical change as opposed to the previous trend of being properly shaved every day.

In addition to that, it’s not like only in the past couple of years we have invented growing facial hair. In many cultures, beards are desirable, and in some cultures even men undergo surgery to grow a thick beard. While this trend still hasn’t gone that far, it is certainly the hottest thing right now, and it is highly likely that it will not go away on its own any time recently.

Being A Man’s Man

In the last couple of years, growing that a beard has established a new trend that men look like true manly men. Men are sick and tired or looking like boys. A beard gives men a true grown personality and appearance that is a symbol of a mature and well-rounded person. If you would like to feel manlier, but if you would also like to boost your confidence and become more assertive, I would advise you that you grow a beard. While growing a beard is not the only way to show masculinity, it is still one of the ways in which you can show your masculinity. A beard is also one of the ways to express your character, individuality and accentuate your manliness and even to accentuate your beauty.

Is your beard the epitome of masculinity?

Beards And Beauty

Men are beautiful and even when they are completely ugly. This is because beauty use more than perfect facial features. Beauty is the character which shines through your style. However it even if you don’t have the perfect set of teeth, the fullest lips in the world, chiseling cheekbones and the breathtaking jaw line, you can still put an emphasis on your manly beauty by growing a beard. A beard will help you cover up your physical flaws and add character and individuality to your look. A beard will also accentuate your uniqueness, but the beard will as well show your fashion sense and each will show that you have a well-developed sense of style. All of these things are symbols of a mature a personality and a well-developed personality. All of these things signify that you are a man, rather than a boy, and that you are assertive, confident, and most importantly good-looking.

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