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You have probably noticed that since recently the years have made a huge comeback to the fashion sense.  Not only in that beards have become immensely popular in the recent years, but they have also managed to put the significant trend to history – the meterosexual man.

During the 80’s men, and men and especially rock musicians, use to wear makeup.  Then came the 90’s, and our preoccupation with yuppies.  The entire decade stopped us that the successful man should look as trimmed and groomed if he were a lady. During the 00’s the matters only became worse and the situation seemed to have changed only in the recent years.

Men show the progression of popular facial hair in the USA

Nowadays, appearing ruggedly handsome and manly is very popular, and that the men who shave regularly have become totally unattractive, unpopular, and out of fashion.  However, is there a simple way to explain this phenomenon?  How can we explain the huge comeback facial hair has made in the recent years?  Surely, humans have had facial hair ever since may have become humans, and even before this period!  Still, we cannot help but to wonder whether there is a solid explanation for this phenomenon.

In this article will try to explain the comeback of beards, in the following three steps.  These steps seem to be simple, understandable and logical.

1. Step One: Radical Change

The first and very obvious reason for replacing one trend with its complete opposite is the need for a radical change.  Shaving has been immensely popular for in the past decades.  Men have all appeared same and bland.  Is such a crowd that a man with the beard would radically stand out and be exotic.  Just like with other rear things in this world, people are often attracted to them only because they are not as usual and as common as everything else, the same thing happened with the beard trend.  Furthermore, sporting a beard requires the certain amount of confidence which is not to be disregarded.  Also, this shows that you are cool because you stand out, rather than rejected because of it.

2. Step Two: Comfort

bearded-man-in-winterAnother reason for replacing the trend of shaving with a trend are growing a beard, lies in a simple solution that it offers more comfort, and indeed is much easier to maintain.  As we know, men are all about comfort and being comfortable.  Also, they despise spending the unnecessary time grooming themselves, especially shaving in the morning when they are in a rush anyway.  Furthermore, a beard will keep you warm during the winter months and the beard will seem your delicate skin from rough winds and harsh weather conditions.

3. Step Three: Social Status

If you take into consideration that shaving used to be socially acceptable, as well as necessary for certain professions, then you should also think about the following question: who has the power to come unshaved to their workplace?  This will tell you a lot about the beard trend.  It is just another way to show your dominant social status.

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