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beard10Beards are a current fashion trend that we cannot help but wonder why it has become so immensely and globally popular. This fashion trend has become widely popular in the recent years, so much so that it has made a real comeback. The metro sexual trend, a clean-cut and a regular shave, had to step down from the pedestal and give the title of the most popular trend to the ruggedly handsome bearded style. This sudden change, has had a real impact on fashion and trends, but also on what the majority of people finds beautiful. Even though facial hair isn’t anything new, and is definitely not something which has been constructed in the recent years, it’s certainly only now becoming popular among the majority of people and in a broad sense.

It is not easy to understand why only now beards have become so immensely and planetary popular, but we will try to deconstruct this fashion trends and find out some of the main reasons why beards have become such a big trends and why they are so immensely popular among men and women alike.

  1. Gives You The Edge

Sporting a beard that is definitely giving you this edgy look which cannot be disregarded; in other words, having a beard makes you have an opinion about someone, but it also shows that the person who is wearing the beard has their own individuality and character which has been highly developed, as well as their own set of values and beliefs. You cannot remain indifferent towards a beard. It makes you have an opinion, and the strong one too, just like the majority of people who have a beard have a strong set of opinions about the world. People with beards are often regarded as people who have their own individuality, which simply cannot help itself but oozes through this style and sense of fashion. Be sure to keep your beard in tip-top condition by washing and using a beard oil daily. We recommend beard oil from

Why Are Beards So Popular?

  1. Functionality Of A Beard

Furthermore, I should probably mention that beards have become I really big trend because they are very functional. In other words, you want have to take out the significance chunk of your time to shave yourself in the morning, instead you will only occasionally groom your beards and use the appropriate products which will make your beard appear shiny and perfect. Also a beard will protect your delicate skin, especially in the winter months when the harsh weather conditions can damage your skin.

  1. Attracts Partners

The last but not the least, sporting a beard will definitely attract gardeners and potential love interests, because they will see you as someone who has guys-with-beardstheir own individuality and a well-developed character, and someone who is a complete and rounded person altogether. This kind of impression is very attractive to potential partners, and they will probably find you unusual, unique, attractive and sexy.

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