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In the recent years, the idea of how we see a sexy and successful man has much changed. Only since recently the shaved metrosexual style has been replaced with a lumberjack style, which is often referred to as lumbersexual.

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In the decades which are now behind us, a proper shave has been a symbol of a successful, young man who takes care of his personal hygiene. In the recent years, this trend has been replaced with a bearded style. Far from it, that I’m trying to convey the impression that a bearded style requires no personal hygiene, however it is a significant and radical change as opposed to the previous trend of being properly shaved every day.

In addition to that, it’s not like only in the past couple of years we have invented growing facial hair. In many cultures, beards are desirable, and in some cultures even men undergo surgery to grow a thick beard. While this trend still hasn’t gone that far, it is certainly the hottest thing right now, and it is highly likely that it will not go away on its own any time recently.

Being A Man’s Man

In the last couple of years, growing that a beard has established a new trend that men look like true manly men. Men are sick and tired or looking like boys. A beard gives men a true grown personality and appearance that is a symbol of a mature and well-rounded person. If you would like to feel manlier, but if you would also like to boost your confidence and become more assertive, I would advise you that you grow a beard. While growing a beard is not the only way to show masculinity, it is still one of the ways in which you can show your masculinity. A beard is also one of the ways to express your character, individuality and accentuate your manliness and even to accentuate your beauty.

Is your beard the epitome of masculinity?

Beards And Beauty

Men are beautiful and even when they are completely ugly. This is because beauty use more than perfect facial features. Beauty is the character which shines through your style. However it even if you don’t have the perfect set of teeth, the fullest lips in the world, chiseling cheekbones and the breathtaking jaw line, you can still put an emphasis on your manly beauty by growing a beard. A beard will help you cover up your physical flaws and add character and individuality to your look. A beard will also accentuate your uniqueness, but the beard will as well show your fashion sense and each will show that you have a well-developed sense of style. All of these things are symbols of a mature a personality and a well-developed personality. All of these things signify that you are a man, rather than a boy, and that you are assertive, confident, and most importantly good-looking.

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